Heo Yub

Importance of Water - Dirty and Clean

This talk was about the importance of water and how water can affect us. This include the negative effects of dirty water, such as causing diseases like cholera, typhoid fever and dysentery. These diseases are deadly and can cause death. A few other way of how polluted water can affect us is through smell, chronic health risks, and various other environmental, societal and economic effects. However, there is an irony in this too. Clean water is essential for economic growth, however, economic development can compromise water resources.

Revolution of Microelectronics Technology

Asia has become the focal point for electronic companies. There are 9 main types of integrated circuits: Bio, Radio, Auto, Info, Nano, Hydro, Audio, Video, Energy. New technologies are now scaling down to reach the nanoscale while biology is scaling up to reach the nanoscale. As a result of this, machines are replacing many of the things that are done by doctors. An example is that an endoscope is now replaced by a camera pill.

Biomedical Engineering and Technology

There has been a recent development of nanotechnologies, which are very useful. One such use is the ability to change the colour of contact lenses. Biodegradable stents can now be used to clear passages of the heart in case of a heart attack. Materials ten times the strength of steel but only a fraction of the mass is now used.

IT for Animation

There are 3 main types of animations: Stop motion, 2D animation and 3D animation. Animations work through optical illusions by the consecutive frames(24 Frames/Sec). Although animations are a beautiful art form, skilled artists and high labour costs, together with a budget pressure has forced many people to stop using animations. New technologies are now being created to reduce these high labour costs by reducing the number of frames artists need to draw.

Disappearing Glaciers, Rising Sea Levels and Why Gravity is Even More Important Than You Think

Rising sea levels are caused by the melting of glaciers. However, the rise of sea level is not the same everywhere. Sea levels rise the most away from the glaciers too. It is also possible to measure only a few of the glaciers from the ground. This is because measuring glaciers are usually dangerous. 

The Deepest Impression

The plenary session that left the deepest impression on me is "Importance of Water - Dirty and Clean" This is because I gained the most amount of knowledge from this plenary session such as the importance of water and the consequences of drinking dirty, polluted water.