Jake Wee

Day 1 
These are my key learning points for each session:

1)Importance of Water-Dirty and Clean
Water can spread diseases like cholera, typhoid fever, dysentery. To curb these diseases, we need to control granulation and the microbes involved. Water pollution can affect us by smell, infectious diseases, chronic health risks, environmental degradation, and societal and economic effects. The key enablers of this process are water and energy. The irony of this is that economical development compromises the water resources. Thus there is a need to increase water protection as the economy develops. To do so, we need to find appropriate management of waste water and wastes. Asia will have the largest infrastructure spending growth from 2003-2030. This shows that there are many job opportunities in this area. The solution is towards building eco cities, and singapore is a good example of this, being one of the only countries to have the almost the whole country as a urban catchment. There is a need to use technology to breach these barriers by using membranes for water reclamation and desalination.

2)Revolution of Microelectronics Technology
The supply chain is moving towards Asia, China, and Asian countries are becoming the focal point of electronic companies. Singapore is in a good position being in the middle of this. The proliferation of electronics drives the global demand causing Asia to be the one of the wealthiest hubs for electronics with the exception of only America. Over the past few centuries, many technological revolutions have occur, such as the creation of the vacuum tube and moving on to semiconductors. Integrated circuits started in 1958 which consists of 1 transistor, 3 capacitors and 1 resistors. This has changed since entering the 21stcentury where transistors, capacitors and resistors by the hundreds or even thousands fit into a compact area. Electronics enable entertainment, transportation, manufacturing, medicine and many more to help improve living. The 9Os in Integrated Circuits are bio, radio, auto , info, nano, hydro, audio, video, and energy which is represented by a symbol. Electronics scale down to nano scale whereas Biology scales up to nano level.

3)Biomedical Engineering and Technology
There are 3 types of technology talked about during this session. There were nano, bio and defence technology. Nano technology can help us with cleaning water, changing the tints of contact lenses, biomers, which are transparent braces and many others etc. It is important for a smaller size fixed area is equal to a larger scale area. High strength to weight ration ensures that the material is light and strong at the same time, like carbon nano tubes. To strengthen other existing products, both nano and man made nano materials are coated onto them. As of now, nano research has up to 2D, with 3D still being researched on. OD being particles, 1D being wires and 2D being films.
4)IT for Animation
The outline of the lecture was on stop motion, 2D and 3D animations, mathematics in movies and a career in IT. Stop Motion is a process of story telling. Both 2D and 3D animations requires many prior planning before the actual movie. The process as follows: script, storyboard, character design, intermediate frame drawing, reference frame drawing, sound, painting, composition & shooting and the final print. The highest grossing 2D animation film was Lion King which had a budget expenditure of 30 US Million dollars. The highest grossing 3D animation film was Toy Story, with a budget expenditure of 45 US million dollars. It requires strong maths foundation to be able to make such movies. Components in maths like geometry, linear algebra, calculus, and laws of physics. Motion capture involves image processing and computer vision. Computer games require animation, networking, database and artificial.

5)Disappearing glaciers, rising sea level, and why gravity is even more important than you think.
The key phrase learnt in this lecture is that sea level rise will not be the same everywhere. There are spatial variations and the term “self attraction and loading” from melting glaciers. The relative sea level is equal to sea surface minus the solid surface. It is only possible to measure a few glaciers from the ground. Sea level rise will be the highest farthest from the ground.
The plenary session that left the deepest impression on me was the “Importance of Water-Dirty and Clean” because I had the most background knowledge on this topic. What I like is the extra knowledge gained and the transformation of Singapore into a Eco City, with a steady source of water from our reservoirs and the marina barrage.

Day 3
I chose this project because I found it easy to relate to as there was a very brief brush about circuits learnt during Primary 3 which helped me in the course of this project. It also is for a good cause for the earth as our prototype can help save the earth by reducing the use of electricity unnecessary and also save on manpower.

My role in the group is diverse as the roles weren't concentrated on just doing one thing. I had a chance to work on the bread board, and play around with the multimeter and the power supply, but i think my main role was to write down the equations and to write down the steps on what we did in the experiment.

Challenges I/we encounter when working on this project in the last 2 days and how I/we overcame this problems. There were some laws and circuit connections which i did not understand, but i managed to overcome it with the help of my group members guiding me along.

Through this project, I discovered that circuits is a very interesting topic and it is not as i thought it would be at the start very limited understanding and boring topic. There is much more to learn in this field of engineering and i would love to learn more.

As an individual, I discovered that I need the help of my group members to be able to complete the project.

My aspirations. Now I'm considering on becoming a engineer as I have realised that there is alot of job opportunities in the field of engineering.